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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  
Wow...this is by far the longest I've let any time go by without an update. And it certainly isn't because of lack of things happening.

Here's a quick fill-in on all that's happened since then:

When last we spoke (or last *I* spoke), The Anything People were about to compete in Little Steven's Battle Of The Bands in Asbury Park. Well, the Friday night, when all bands played, was crazy...For a while it looked like we might not play at all, as Dave, Doug and sub bassist Mark Khan, who drove in together (I drove myself) arrived several hours late. But when we finally did go on, we sounded pretty strong as we played "Left Side" and "Who's Crying Now." We made it to the final four, meaning we had to come back the next night.

Well, our five song set..."Like A Fool," "Left Side," "Laugh," "That's Not The Way It Should Be" and "Who's Crying Now" (we planned to also play "Wait For Your Dream" but sets were cut by a few minutes) was a little shaky...guitars slipped out of tune, cues were missed, and some of our harmonies sounded empty (partially because it seemed to take the soundman a while to realize the drummer was singing), and I left the stage not too convinced that we'd be going home victorious. Band Two sounded quite together, with harmonies and blend. Band Three was kinda cocky, playing about two real songs and then padding out the rest. Band Four had a good crunch but also seemed to be padding out their set.

Well, Band Four took it, and I must say there was a collective sense of "Say WHAT?" on that stage from the other bands (we had all been asked to come onstage for the announcement). But at that point, after a long long day, my thoughts were more of the "Okay, now I can go home" variety. Except, first I wanted to get at least a quick hello in to the judge, Pete Best. And I did, and he was very nice.

The band that beat us got to compete in the final showdown at Irving Plaza a few weeks later. I wasn't there, but the practically unanimous opinion from those who did is that they were absolute garbage. That worried me...I hoped everyone wouldn't think "Well, if they're that bad, and they beat The Anything People..." But anyway, they've since broken up, and New York's garage crowd apparently will not miss them at all. But I'm really not trying to be nasty, because the truth is, they were very nice to us that night in Asbury Park. And they kept in touch in hopes that we and they could bill together sometime, which we were completely willing to do (and even had some tentative plans being discussed) and even looking forward to doing.

Anyway, what was the specific reason we didn't win the Asbury battle? Well, therein lies a mystery, as two different members of the staff have told me two VERY different things, and I don't know which one to believe...But to be fair, and not start myths, I'll refrain from posting either story.

Also some time in July or so, I taped two new songs of my own...A Freddie and the Dreamers type song called "Big Mistake," and a Zombies-ish one called "I'll Be Your Friend."

And the 3-CD International Pop Overthrow collection came out in July on Not Lame, containing my song "I Don't Want My Baby." I'm near the end of disc three, so I'm in a rather inconspicuous spot. So far, being on that CD has not led to anything of note.

We played our first full length gig at The Magnetic Field in Brooklyn on August 21st, and it was fairly well attended and fairly well played. Our friends The Miscreants were on the bill with us, who played a great set, despite their two main players, Blair Buscareno and Jahna Rain, both being quite ill.

Shortly before the gig I scored a new (well, used) Fender Deluxe 90 amplifier. I was long overdue for a new combo, and Doug's relatively recent acquisition of a Fender Reverb helped speed me along that route. It's a nice little amp, and our two new amps have helped make the practices sound even better.

A week before the gig I went to Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival on Randall's Island. I didn't catch the whole show...I arrived early afternoon and was just boarding the bus back to Manhattan when The New York Dolls were taking the stage. So I missed Iggy Pop, who everyone is citing as the highlight. But I had to get to Rififi in time, as it was a POP GEAR night. I was already dead on my feet as I left Randall's Island, and I still had the whole night of POP GEAR ahead of me. As you can imagine, by the end of the night I was drained, but it was an enjoyable day with lots of great live music and with lots of friends to enjoy it with. In fact, I think I enjoyed the festival more for the social hang than for the music.

The bands I saw included: The Charms, The Cynics, Lyres, The Stems, The Woggles, The Chocolate Watchband, The Shazam, The Electric Prunes, The Cocktail Slippers, The Creation, The Chesterfield Kings, The Mooney Suzuki, The Paybacks, The Fuzztones, The Pete Best Band, The Forty Fives, The D4, The Romantics, Nancy Sinatra, The Dictators, Big Star, Bo Diddley, Raveonettes, and The Pretty Things. To be honest, some of those bands I don't remember at all (I may have used their sets to walk around or get food...I know I was sitting on the side by the trees eating a hamburger when The Romantics were on.) I'm getting those names from the schedule that circulated a few days before the festival, taking all names from The Charms, the band I know was on when I arrived, to The Pretty Things, who were the last band I stayed for...with The Fuzztones thrown in there, as I know I saw them, even though they were on that schedule much earlier in the day.

More practicing, every Wednesday. Our next gig is October 23 at The Lakeside Lounge, and we're hoping to add several new songs to the act.

Had to take my amp in, as it kept crackling. The input jack seems to be the source of the trouble. But thankfully, Dave's practice space has enough spare amps that we can get by until I get mine back.

Two new songs I'm working on to present to the band for the October 23 gig..."Decisions," a Standells-type rocker, and maybe "You'll Never Be Mine," a recycling of something I kicked around a few years ago.

Last night I tried recording "Decisions" on my cassette 4 track, but the drum track wasn't coming out loud enough, as if there was a fault in the machine where no matter what level you record, it plays back only so high. Well, maybe it's just Track 4. I'll try Track 3 tonight.

I've also been thinking of possibly bringing back some Lynchpins classics, "Act Of Kindness" and "Bombay Beach Party."

I've been assigned a slot at the 2004 International Pop Overthrow: Sunday November 14 at 1:30 PM at the ACME Underground. Geez, I'd say that's the second worst slot of the entire festival, beating only whoever plays at 1:00.

I recently bought a tuner. That's the first tuner I've ever owned. I feel I've sold out, but when you own a Silvertone Jupiter, you need to have a tuner handy at all times.

It's too early to say, but I may soon be involved in another musical project...a one-shot deal with some people I met last week. Hopefully I can say more about that later this week.

Okay, I've said this before...but I promise I'll try to be more frequent with updates.

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