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Friday, October 22, 2004  

Here's an update on some events I've seen recently:

Last Wednesday, the 13th at Town Hall, I saw a double bill featuring (the current lineups of) these guys...

...and these guys.

On Sunday afternoon I went to the public library of Roslyn, Long Island and saw a performance by these guys...

...and then, after dinner, went to Irving Plaza in NYC to see these guys...

...who opened for these guys.

Topping things off, on Monday night at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, I met this guy.

8:55 AM

Well, we've got another gig on the horizon...We're playing at Lakeside Lounge on Saturday, October 23 at 11 PM. I haven't played Lakeside since October 2002. I enjoy it there...It's in a great area with people walking around who'll see the band in the window and hopefully come on in (there's no charge).

Here's the way we've promoted the show:
Little Steven likes them. Pete Best likes them.

And THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, *YOU* can like them too when New York garage combo...


...take the stage of LAKESIDE LOUNGE.

The hour-long trip encompasses:
* 1960s style Gritty garage...
* 12-String Rickenbacker jangle...
* Twangy Merseybeat...
* Marraca/harmonica raveups...
* Paisley-patterned pop...
* Hollies-ish harmonies.
In short, the very combination that made them FINALISTS AT LITTLE STEVEN'S BATTLE OF THE BANDS LAST JULY!

at Lakeside Lounge
162 Avenue B (between 10th and 11th Street)

Thanks, see ya there.
We had our last practices on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest is up to fate.

So what do I do in those last days before a gig? Well, today...

* I bought two new sets of eleven-gauge strings for my Silvertone. I've been using eleven-gauge strings since the summer of 2003, at the recommendation of a friend when I asked him for any kind of advice for keeping a Silvertone in tune. He said thickening up the strings helps. I'd previously used nine-gauge, which are on the light side, but the lighter the string, the easier they slip out of tune, especially when bending notes, which I like to do. So I made the switch to an eleven set, and he was right...the Silvertone has since stayed in tune for much longer periods of time.

* I restrung my guitar tonight. Restringing a guitar only two days before a show is risky, but so is doing a show with a rather old set. And after restringing the guitar, I applied my saltwater technique. Saltwater technique? What's that, Michael? Well, I don't like the sound of a fresh set of strings...They sound too bright and tinny. I like them to be broken in a bit...So I make up a bowl of warm saltwater, and with a sponge dipping into the bowl, I rub the strings for a few minutes for simulated corrosion. It does indeed take some of the gloss off the sound. In fact I may have overdone it...one string sounds a little too unglossed. But it'll play.

* I made some adjustments to the strap for my Rickenbacker. The strap is old and was tied in position with a piece of string. As it was, the strap, when connected to the Rick, had the guitar hanging a bit too low...it looked like Ramones style guitar-holding. I could still play it for the most part, but a solo on the high strings was hard to reach. So I cut the piece of string, readjusted the strap, and stapled it into place...and then put Scotch tape over the points of the staples so I don't get poked in the neck when I put the strap on.

Things to do tomorrow...

* Put new batteries in my tuner...since Doug was nice enough to leave the power on all night.

*Finish memorizing some new lyrics to some of the new songs. "Decisions" is especially tricky. "My Little Girl" is much easier.

1:06 AM

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