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Tuesday, November 09, 2004  


Last night I practiced with that "other" band, my second time doing so. I enjoyed it more last night than I did the first time, even though my drumming on one of the songs is rather weak...haven't quite found the right beat for it yet. I also remembered too late that there's one particular song we do that totally kills my right arm, which I requested that for future practices we save until the end of the session for that very reason. They agreed.

A thought occurred to me...and that is that I kind of like having this band for which I really have no creative input. That's my own choice...I'm sure they'd consider my suggestions, and I guess I have pitched an occasional minor idea, but for the most part I'm happy to save all my creative juice for The Anything People. Often in The Anything People I have some definite ideas about how things should sound. In this other band, the way I see it, it's the singer's songs and I'm simply helping her and happy to do whatever they'd like me to.

As I said yesterday, this is the first time I've been a drummer for a band. So now I've just about done it all...I've played guitar for several bands, bass for several others, keyboards for one, and now drums for this one. I guess the only thing I've never done is be an instrument-less lead singer. Maybe someday.

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Monday, November 08, 2004  

Okay, a few things have been happening since my last entry. First of all, The Anything People played the Lakeside Lounge on Saturday October 23rd. It went okay...As I told the others, I'd give the show a B. Some songs were dead on (I think it was the best "Who's Crying Now" we ever played, and a few other songs had a fine gel) but we were cut short a few songs as we slowly headed towards curfew, and we lost further time with overlong pauses between songs...despite the fact that we worked ahead of time to keep those pauses short. But all those things are being re-addressed in current rehearsals, so hopefully our next gig will go smoother. (At present, the next confirmed Anything People gig is January 15th, again at The Lakeside Lounge...but we're hoping to sneak in at least one more show before then, maybe in December. And we also hope to gig a little more regularly, maybe about once every three weeks, in 2005.)

The very next night I went back to Lakeside to watch our friends The Miscreants, who we gigged with back in August. I believe the Lakeside show was the fourth time I've seen them, and it was certainly the best. They have a great garage sound mixing vintage sounding organ with cool 1966-style songs, and on this particular night, the balance and acoustics were perfect and it made for a most enjoyable show.

I'll get to see them again next Saturday as I kick off what is bound to be a hectic weekend for me: First, The Miscreants will play The Magnetic Field. This will be a special show for a few reasons. First, the night is leader Blair Buscareno's birthday party. Second, before The Miscreants play, Blair's new offshoot band The Coal Gems will make their live debut with a mini-set. Blair is very enthusiastic about this new group, who he says is very musically different from The Miscreants, so I'm anxious to hear them as well.

But as soon as The Coal Gems and Miscreants have finished, I have to dart right out and get to RiFiFi, as this Saturday is also the night of the November POP GEAR! The October POP GEAR! was a packed affair, so Kittybeat, Dawn and I (and guest deejay Jeff Shore) hope we get another full house. Music-wise, I've got a whole crop of good things to play, and I've snagged some real cool video clips that may make the room stop and take notice...including an outrageous Monkees-ish clip of Jefferson Airplane playing around and in a tree.

And...when POP GEAR! finishes at 4 AM, I'll go home and get, oh, about four hours of sleep before having to head back out to the city for my 1:30 performance at The International Pop Overthrow! at ACME Underground. So I'm gonna be one ragged soul by late Sunday afternoon. But I just got approval for the day off at work, so I'll be able to recharge.

Meanwhile, at least for the time being, I'm in a second group...and as a drummer! That's a first for me. The group's name has not been made official yet, but hopefully will be soon. Anyway, despite my not being a real drummer, so far I'm pulling this off fairly well. The fact that we currently only have five songs also makes it easy.
On the journalism front, the new issue of UGLY THINGS recently went to the printer. This will contain my reviews of various CDs and DVDs, though all were given strict word limits, so I don't feel any of them said nearly everything I wanted to say. But on a more positive note, I recently got the nod to write a feature-length piece on The Roulettes, my favorite of the many 1960s British beat groups that never hit the bigtime. I recently got in touch, via email, with their drummer Bob Henrit (who has been with The Kinks for the last twenty years and also was Argent's drummer) who seems willing to cooperate, so I'm very positive about this piece. I'm hoping he will help me get in touch with the other three Roulettes.

Also, the book Lost In The Grooves: Scram's Capricious Guide To The Music You Missed will be released real soon. This will contain an essay I wrote about Herman's Hermits' *Blaze* album from 1967. (See my April 26, 2004 entry for more info).

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